With the NFL Owners' Meetings this week in Florida we got to hear from the Philadelphia Eagles Upper Management. Howie Roseman, Jeff Lurie, and Doug Pederson all spoke with the media on different days.


ESPN NFL Nation Eagles Report Phil Sheridan found what Eagles Owner Jeff Lurie said about the Chip Kelly Era to be odd and he told Mike Gill why:

Rich Schultz /Getty Images

"For Eagles fans its not about the last three years with Chip Kelly, its about the last 55 years. You know you are talking a team that's been 55 years without a championship, Jeff Lurie has the Eagles owner for 21 of those years now. When he got here in 1994, he looked at the franchise and its history...'Look at this Franchise, we are gonna win championships' that was his big quote from '94. Well its been 21 years and you know, 21 Super Bowls have been played under Lurie's watch and the Eagles are 0 for 1."


Sheridan went on to say


"Lurie basically was admiting that he threw the 2015 season away just to prove what Chip Kelly proved to the world that he wasn't, a good Head Coach."


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