With the passing of Buddy Ryan many people have been remembering different aspects of his time as the Eagles Head Coach.  Some people bring up his "Gang Green" Defense along with infamous games such as the "Body Bag Game".  Others point to Ryan's 0-3 playoff record and say plainly that he is overrated as a Head Coach.

Ray Didinger, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Writer's Honor Roll and famous football historian, was a guest of Rich Quinones on Wednesday and put Buddy Ryan's Eagles defense in historical context:

"They were very good but saying they didn't win in the playoffs, you can't really lay that at the feet of the defense because in the three playoff games they scored one touchdown so they didn't loose those games on their defense.  But when you're talking about when people, which have now been trying to do for a last couple days, is try and put that Eagles defense in some sort of historical context.  Well you can't put them with the 'Steel Curtain' or the '85 Bears or some of the other great defenses that have come along that actually won championships.  I mean that really is a zero sum game when it comes to that, you either win it or you don't."

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