When the Eagles hired Joe Douglas to be Vice President of Player Personnel, the idea was that Douglas was lead the charge as a long time former Scout to build the team's Draft Board.  The 2017 NFL Draft is coming and time will tell how much impact Douglas' football philosophy will have on the team's draft selections and on Howie Roseman's decision making.

Philadelphia Daily News Sports Columnist Marcus Hayes joined Josh Hennig on Saturday and discussed if there is value in Joe Douglas advising Howie Roseman in making Football decisions:

"Howie still has the final say and the strings; I think he listens to (Joe Douglas) and his department, maybe more so than he has in the past. He takes what they have to say and maybe it affects his ultimate decision.....If Howie Roseman was not coming to these press conferences, Joe Douglas would be the person making these decisions. Every decision made who they’ve signed, who they're going to draft, not necessarily grading the guys but drafting the guys, that will be Howie Roseman. And its interesting and the perception is they have a 'Football Guy' in there guiding Howie but that really doesn’t matter. You can have all the advisors you want, but if the person making the final decision isn’t competent in making the final decision, than I’m not so sure you have done yourself any favors.”

Hear what Hayes had to say about the Eagles needs in the 2017 NFL Draft and his perspective on Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo after his first year on the job

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