After the fiasco in the final moments of Game 2 of Spurs-Thunder the conversation resurfaced about NBA Officiating.  Former NBA Referee Tim Donaghy was a guest of Rich Quinones on Thursday and explains that NBA officials are not officiating strictly according to the rules:

"There's no doubt what the officials do is they don't want to be the one that sends a team home so they give all the benefit of the calls that could go either way to that team that's down in the series. And that's the way the NBA office wants the referees to look at it, don't be the guy that sends this team home if it could go either way give it to the team that's down in the series. This way it can be taken care of in the next game."

Donaghy was then asked how is that a fair and level playing field, he responded:

"That's what I wrote about in my book Person Foul that teams are at an advantage and disadvantage, so are players, that the officials in the league want the (referees) to officiate the game based on the names on the front and back of the jersey rather than the rules and how their written in the rule book"

Listen to Donaghy's analysis of why referees didn't make a call in final moments of Spurs-Thunder Game 2 along with clarification of his remarks about NBA Officials and Gambling