The dream is over.

For years, fans have fantasized about the day that Millville, NJ native and hard core Philadelphia Eagles fan Mike Trout would come home to play for the Philadelphia Phillies.   That day will not come.  Jeff Passan of ESPN is reporting that the Los Angeles Angels and Trout have agreed to a new 12-year, $430 million contract.

The deal will essentially be Trout's last deal, as it will take him until he is almost 40 years old.

The deal, if as reported, will be the largest deal in professional sports history.  The largest contract previously awarded to a major league baseball player, set just weeks ago when Bryce Harper and the Phillies agreed to a 13-year pact, almost $100 million less.  Harper's desire to play with Trout led to some allegations of tampering.

The average annual value of the deal is $35.83 million, which is the largest average value in baseball.

Trout and the Angels appear to be wed until the end of his career, a rare occurrence in baseball today.

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