Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni certainly likes to play to the crowd.

The Eagles first-year head coach showed up to his Thursday meeting with the media wearing a "Beat Dallas" T-shirt, knowing full well that it would get the attention of fans and the opposing team.

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"I'm sure they're going to have the picture of this shirt on there. And that's fine," Sirianni admitted. "This is about a great rivalry. And that means a lot to this city, that means a lot to our building."

"And it's a division game. And with the rivalry and it being a division game, I don't know if anyone needs -- our side, their side needs any more bulletin board material or if it's even going to help because we know how big the rivalry is and how much it means to both sides."

The Eagles and Cowboys Week 3 meeting features two teams with 1-1 records, and with the two teams not facing off again until the final week of the NFL season, this game becomes extra important in the NFC East race and for the fans.

"You can definitely feel it," Sirianni observed. "I can't tell you how many times since I've been here having an interaction with a fan, it's, like, ‘Hey, beat Dallas.’"

"I think that's really cool. I think that's awesome. So really love the fact that I'm able to partake in this rivalry and it means a lot to the city, to our team, it means a lot to this building."

You can listen to the Eagles and Cowboys on 97.3 ESPN, coverage begins at 7 p.m. with the Eagles Radio Network, Merrill Reese and Mikc Quick call all the action starting at 8:15.

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