Last December it was hard to determine what was more popular, the Philadelphia Eagles or the "Philly Special Christmas Special" Album that was produced.  After having so much success raising money for charity last year, the guys have decided to "Run it Back" with another Christmas Album.

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The "New Heights Show" Podcast, hosted by Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce and Kansas Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce, has skyrocketed in popularity since its debut last year and is now one of the most listened to podcasts in the United States every week.  On Episode 60 of their podcast, the Kelce Brothers announced they will be coming out with a second Christmas Album as a follow-up to last year's successful venture.

I say successful because the first Christmas album had over 3,000 sales before the official release and then 11,000 in the first week, catapulting it to the top of the Billboard Christmas Music Charts.  Furthermore, the sales of the album raised $1.25 Million which was distributed to 25 local charities including the the Children's Crisis Treatment Center.

The Kelce Brothers announced the second Christmas Album proceeds will go towards the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's efforts to give sick children presents during the Christmas holiday season and also more money will go to CCTC for their toy drive.  The new album will be released on December 1st and pre-sale is November 3rd.

Jason, the future Hall of Fame Center, confirmed the news that his brother Travis will be one of the guest vocalists for this second Christmas album. Travis said the production team made him sound "extremely better" than he actually is at singing and Jason said that their team are "magicians" to make everything sound good.

Aside from the core three of Jason Kelce, Eagles Right Tackle Lane Johnson, and Eagles Left Tackle Jordan Mailata (who is a very gifted singer and performed at his own wedding), they are also welcoming onto the second Christmas album "The Godmother of Soul" Patti LaBelle and Indie Music Band Waxahatchee.

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