Eagles head coach Doug Pederson met with the media today on a zoom call, welcoming everyone to the 2020 season.

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"First of all, good morning guys and welcome to the 2020 training camp," Pederson said today to open his zoom call. "We are excited to be back in the building and working with our rookie players starting today. Things are a little unusual. Obviously, the schedule is a little different. It's unfortunate for most of you not being over here and doing this face-to-face, but we're excited to get this thing going and look forward to working with our guys moving forward."

Before any of the Eagles players are allowed back at the NovaCare Center, they needed to have a Infectious Disease Emergency Response plan in place and approved by both the league and NFL Players' Association.

Today it was announced that the Eagles are one of 20 teams that their plan has been approved by the league's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Allen Sills.

"My hat goes off to the many, many people in the Philadelphia [Eagles] organization," Pederson stated. "I think about our stadium people. I think about the grounds people. I think about [President] Don Smolenski, everyone that had a hand in getting us where we are today and to come back safely into NovaCare. The protocols that the NFL has put in place, with the Players Association, the agreement there, with all of our doctors, it gives us hope. It gives us excitement moving forward.

"We understand that the virus is real and we do everything we can in our powers to stay safe, protecting ourselves when we're in the building, protecting our players, and it's unfortunate what has happened."

"But we do have a lengthy set of protocols that we have to abide by, and this is our new normal right now, working in these conditions as probably most of you working in your conditions, as well."

"It's something that we are going to embrace. We are going to make it a positive. It is what it is, and we're going to embrace it and move forward."

There are still 12 teams that need their plan to be approved before they can open camp.

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