When it was Ryan Reynolds trying to pry Tara Reid from class, yanking fire alarms was the stuff of legends.

When it’s Dion Lewis? Not so much. At least not according to Albany police, who Monday indicted Lewis on a felony charge.

According to the Buffalo Times-Union, Lewis and his older brother were cuffed early Saturday morning, when they allegedly tripped the alarm after unsuccessfully trying to get through a locked glass door leading to the hotel lobby. Tried pretty hard, apparently, and came close to their beer-glazed goal. According to a police report, Dion and his brother, Lamar, hit the doors “with such force as to rock them and nearly break them from their hinges.”

When did this all go down? Around 4 a.m., according to said report.

Both Lewis and the team have issued statements.

Said Lewis:

“I want to apologize to my family, the Albany community, the Eagles organization and fans, and to the NFL for my involvement in an incident this past weekend. It was never my intention to cause any public alarm or damage any property. I am sorry for any embarrassment and inconvenience that my actions have caused. I am committed to continuing to conduct myself in conformance with the high moral, ethical and professional standards that I have my entire life and of which so many others rightly expect of me. Because the matter is still in the hands of the court system, I cannot comment any further.”

Said the team:

“We are aware of the incident involving Dion Lewis over the weekend in Albany and have since spoken to Dion and his representatives about it. They have a good understanding of the serious nature of this matter and understand the embarrassment it caused to not only himself, but the entire organization. Because it is a pending legal matter, we will have no further comment at this point.”

Heavy hand like that makes you wonder whether the team will go all Tennessee basketball and Ohio State football on Lewis with a hefty team-issued suspension BEFORE this gets to Roger Goodell’s desk, to soften the blow from the league office.