LeSean McCoy reportedly showed up to spring workouts in his "best shape ever."

On Monday, the Sports Bash will ask McCoy about the Eagles new fast-paced offense, his role and much more as McCoy joins the Bash at 3:05.

McCoy averaged just 4.2 yards per carry last season after averaging 5.0 between 2010-11.  McCoy also said that the Eagles got off double the amount of reps in practice than they had in the past. It's yet to be determined how much Chip Kelly's offense will resemble its Oregon incarnation, though it's sounding like the pace will be very similar.

Andy Reid's final season with the Eagles, he handed the ball off to his running backs just 20.2 times per game - that number should go up considerably.  Kelly's running backs averaged 39.2 rushes per game his final season at Oregon.

It's highly unlikely Kelly dials up that many designed runs his first year in the NFL, but the Eagles are clearly no longer going to be the pass-first offense they were under Reid. McCoy has hinted that he'll have to be spelled regularly as a result.

"I think any back, no matter how great of shape he's in, he's going to need some extra help," McCoy said. "I know that. Bryce (Brown) is good enough. He can play."


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