When the Eagles season came to a close, veteran safety Malcolm Jenkins, the leader of the team's defense, vowed he will not be back with the team on his current contract.

“I won’t be back on the same deal. That won’t happen,” Jenkins explained to reporters back in January, when cleaning out his locker after the Eagles playoff loss to the Seahawks.

On Friday, speaking with The Sports Bash on Radio Row in Miami, ahead of Super Bowl 54, Jenkins admitted he was disappointed the two sides couldn't get a deal done during the 2019 season.

"Honestly, I was hoping something would get done during the season, it didn't" Jenkins admitted to The Sports Bash. "I really didn't let it bother me, I continued to play, didn't complain, even though you go through every game without security, you are taking a risk. Especially with everyone else getting hurt."

"But I finished the season out and felt like I had a good year, and its just been quiet. So I really don't know.

Jenkins is scheduled to earn $7.75 in the final year of this 5-year deal he singed back in 2016.

"I do know that hopefully, it will work itself out one way or another," Jenkins continued. "I would love to be in Philly, made it my home, love the community, love my teammates there, and the organization - but you know business is business."

But unless the Eagles work on a new deal with their leader, it sounds like the three-time Pro Bowler will be a holdout this summer.

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