The Eagles enter today's contest with the Miami Dolphins at 4-8.

However, one thing they know is that if they win, they leave today with hope.  With a victory over the Dolphins the Eagles would be at 5-8 and still alive in the NFC East race.

With New York and Dallas playing tonight, a Giants win leaves the Eagles two back with three to play.  A Cowboys win would hurt the Eagles chances, but keep them alive with three to play.

Here are a few ways the Eagles can keep their season alive today:

  1. As we heard on the "Outside View" on Friday show, the Eagles need to spread the Dolphins defense out and spread the call around.  DeSean Jackson, Brent Celek and LeSean McCoy need to be big parts of the offense, utilizing the deep ball, the middle and the flats.  Win the battle in the trenches by using what you do well, spread out the Dolphins, use that sprint draw, use the middle and hit the home run - something that we haven't seen all season.
  2. We've said it all season long, maybe now is the time that Juan Castillo will get blitz happy and let his corners go to work.  Matt Moore has been very efficient recently in the pass game, over the past five games, he is hitting on 62-percent of his passes (9 TD, 5 INT).
  3. The Eagles need to see the Mike Vick that earned the big money deal, the Mike Vick that made him the biggest story in the NFL for half the season last year and if they get that guy back, winning four straight isn't out of the question.  The Eagles quarterbacks have simply not played well this season, they turn the ball over to much.
  4. Andy Reid hasn't done his team any favors, but using LeSean McCoy in the run game would be a start.  Yes, we know the Dolphins are pretty stout against the run, but the Eagles are the best team in the league at running the football, do it and prosper.
  5. DeSean Jackson, show us you care, show us this game which seems meaningless to many of the fans, means something to you.  I think most people want this marriage to work, but right now it looks like its all falling part for Jackson vs Fans.  If he comes out and plays hard and makes some big plays in the passing game and gives the fans something in the return game, he could change peoples minds quickly in a city that loves to love and hate.