I know the Eagles aren't going to win the Super Bowl. I know the Eagles are wildly inconsistent. I know the Eagles aren't even making the playoffs, but also I know one thing. Tonight the Eagles beat the Giants in their house and it was a lot of fun to watch. Vince Young improved to 31-17 as a starter in his career. The guy doesn't do it pretty but the guy wins games. The last touchdown drive was a thing of beauty. Look at the guys who contributed tonight that hadn't all season; DeSean Jackson, Riley Cooper, the defense, Chad Hall, Steve Smith, etc. This is why they play the games. The Eagles have been the most frustrating team to watch in the NFL, but for now at least, the season is saved. If you look at the Eagles upcoming schedule, IF they can beat the Patriots they are once again in business. The Giants also very well could lose their next 2 games, and this could all be tied in 2 weeks.

The odds are still stacked against the Eagles in a big way, but the fans deserved a football season. Despite not having Mike Vick or Jeremy Maclin tonight they have a season again. We don't know what is going to happen but at least now we can be excited to see it.