The Philadelphia Eagles began training camp this week, with less fan-fare then usual. Their open practice at Lincoln Finical Field drew just 18,276 fans, down from the 43,000 fans that attended one year ago.  

Coming off two straight non-playoff seasons is taking its toll on the demanding Eagles fan base, so the team went and addressed a big need in the offseason by trading up to select quarterback Carson Wentz with the No. 2 overall pick in this years draft.

According to ESPN’s Phil Sheridan, this was Philadelphia's most important offseason move.

Coaching changes are pretty hard to top when it comes to offseason moves that have an impact, but the Eagles managed to do it. Their biggest move was the investment in players and draft picks they made to trade up and select Wentz with the No. 2 overall pick. If Doug Pederson wasn't the right hire, the Eagles can find another coach. If Wentz isn't the player the Eagles need him to be, they will be stuck in QB limbo for the next few years.

The move signals mirroring a plan from 1999, when first-year head coach Andy Reid selected Donovan McNabb, giving the franchise stability at the most important position for over 11 years.  The Eagles move to take Wentz created a domino effect that caused incumbent Sam Bradford to demand a trade, but it also signified the potential end of the Eagles merry-go-round at the quarterback position that has occurred since McNabb's 2010 departure.