The Philadelphia Eagles have made plenty of  “bold moves” in the past. 

Fans in Philly can remember bringing in guys like Terrell Owens, Nnamdi Asomugha and even signed Michael Vick.  Could they make another splash this offseason? The guys over at Football Outsiders (via ESPN Insider) say the Eagles can, if Howie Roseman can figure out a way to move up in the draft for the second year in a row to grab a wide receiver.

Clemson wide out Mike Williams is the top receiver in this year's draft, and Scott Wright, President of says if he's on the board, that's who the Eagles should take at No. 14.

"If I were them," Wright explains.  "If Mike Williams were there, that would be a no brainer."

However, there is a good chance that Williams won't be there at No. 14, meaning Roseman might have to make a bold move to go get hm.

Here's what Football Outsiders said about the Eagles one "bold" move at

Things could change dramatically after the combine, but right now it appears that two wide receivers are head and shoulders above the rest in this draft class: Clemson's Mike Williams and Western Michigan's Corey Davis. Scouts Inc. has both wideouts among the top 15 players in the draft, with no other receivers making the top 30. Landing either one would be a coup for the Eagles, who would love to find a real outside No. 1 receiver instead of trying to use Jordan Matthews in that role.

The Eagles have moved up and down this draft as a result of the Carson Wentz and Sam Bradford trades, but right now they have the No. 15 pick in the first round. If they're lucky, one or both of those receivers will fall to that spot, in which case you can ignore this section. More likely, though, one will go somewhere around the No. 10 pick. At that point, teams will start looking to make a move. As spread formations become more prevalent across the league, there is going to be a higher demand for top wideouts, and odds are good that some team will want to make a move for Williams or Davis.

That's why it will be important for Philadelphia to trade up. Going from 15 to 10 or so might not sound like much, and in fact that's one of the reasons the Eagles should consider such a deal -- it likely won't cost them much in draft capital. But it might be necessary to find a top target for Wentz, and pairing a stud rookie receiver with their second-year quarterback would be a bold move that will pay off not only in 2017, but perhaps for the better part of the next decade.

The Eagles need major help at both wide receiver and cornerback, both positions struggled to show any consistency, not only last season, but the past two years. With the depth in this draft at both wide receiver and corner, the Eagles should be able to find some very good talent at both positions.

Trading up for the second straight season to ensure they grab Williams would be a “bold” move that would give Carson Wentz a No. 1 target that he lacked in his rookie season, but also should help Jordan Matthews become more productive.

Howie Roseman did it last year, moving up twice to get to the No. 2 spot to select Wentz, now can he do it again to get Wentz a new toy?

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