Many people consider Tim Tebow's chances of making the Eagles' final roster a long-shot.

"My understanding was it wasn't a pretty workout," ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortensen told me on the Sports Bash Monday about Tim Tebow's workout with the Eagles back in March.  "But they are giving him (Tebow) a chance and I don't have a problem with that at all.

So is there a role for Tebow in Philly?

With Sam Bradford currently penciled-in as the Eagles starter and Mark Sanchez most likely backing him up, Tebow will be competing with Matt Barkley and G.J. Kinne to be third string.

"Do you have a role for a guy like Tebow?" Mortensen asked.  "I mean I expect Sam Bradford to be the guy.  I think if Sam stays healthy, and plays like Sam Bradford, he's going to the Pro Bowl."  So it's just a matter if he stays healthy, then you have Sanchez, but is there a role for Tim?  Maybe there is., there is a special spot of Darren Sproles, so maybe there is."

(Listen to ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortensen on the Sports Bash with Mike Gill)

While Mortensen is very high on Bradford's ability, saying that he will be a Pro Bowler if he can stay healthy - is that enough to put to rest that Bradford might not be in Philly after draft day if Kelly can get his hands on Marcus Mariota.

"They paid a big price for Sam Bradford," Mortensen explained.  "He (Mariota) would have to be slipping towards No. 7 or No. 8, which I don't think he will by the way, but then all the sudden there will be a buzz.  I personally believe the Titans will take him, then either they keep him or use him as a trade commodity - assuming Jameis Winston is the first pick."

Stay tuned Eagles fans, as you have come to know, with Chip Kelly anything is possible.