After Rookie Carson Wentz performance on Sunday versus the Browns some people believe this is a sign that Wentz is the future of the franchise.  But some people say "it's just the Browns, they stink."  So should the fan base be excited or take it as just one game then wait and see?

NFL Network Analyst and 10-year NFL Fullback Heath Evans joined Rich Quinones on Tuesday to give his perspective on what he saw from Wentz and what the future holds:

"He went unfazed through 60 minutes of NFL ball, I don't care if it was against Cleveland or any of the other weaker teams in our league.  He saw the field extremely least three times when I was watching on Sunday he got up to the line of scrimmage, twice went from run to run, got out of a bad run switched it into a good run, and once...I actually think he went from a Pass to a Run and those are just things you don't get out of a Rookie Quarterback....and he's a great kid.  In this day and age with all the turds we have in this league that are only worried about their brand and worried about their marketing piece and everything else, (Wentz) is a great kid.  So it's great for Philly to have someone they can really kinda hang their hopes on for hopefully a decade plus to come that seems he's going to do it the Andrew Luck-Russell Wilson type way."

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