After Memorial Day Weekend, the Phillies have the worst record in Major League Baseball at 17-32 while ranking in the bottom five of all teams in MLB in Hits, Runs Scored and Pitching Staff ERA.  The rebuilding process following years of mediocrity for the Phillies has caused fans to be frustrated and wonder why they should attend or watch games.

Baseball Insider Seth Everett of NBC Sports Radio joined Mike Gill on Monday and gave his perspective on the Phillies:

"It’s tough to rebuild an organization, the reason why this is so frustrating is because they took too long to start the rebuild. They should’ve started the rebuild at the end of 2012 and they should’ve traded (Cole) Hamels when they had the chance even if they were going to resign him. I thought that would’ve started the clock and then there’s this loyalty to veterans and there wasn’t a Shortstop in the organization because the Phillies had a Shortstop, had a Second Baseman and there wasn’t talk about anybody being a world beater. These scouts are pretty good. Social media has allowed these minor league scouts to do a lot of reporting and it’s become a pretty niche industry....If the frustration is that they’ve been rebuilding too long, the reality is they didn’t start rebuilding til last year. They were hanging on as much as they could. If they were seriously talking about rebuilding, Ruiz should’ve been traded a year sooner, Utley should’ve been traded a year sooner and the theory was when there was value for those guys, you could’ve turned it in to something younger."

Hear what Everett had to say about the Philies rebuild compared to other organizations and thoughts on fighting in Baseball after Hit Batters

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