Bring him back.
It's time for Nick Foles to return to the Eagles.
The Eagles are said to be talking with several teams about trading disgruntled quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz, who was benched in favor of rookie Jalen Hurts after a series of terrible performances, reportedly has no interest in battling Hurts for the starting job with new coach Nick Sirianni.
No one knows for sure, for Wentz is presumably holed up in North Dakota and has yet to clear the foggy air regarding his opinions or intentions.
So ship him out. If his confidence is shot and his ego is so fragile that he can't take a little competition, then he's not worth keeping, even if it means a giant cap hit.
Indianapolis was considered the front-runner as a landing spot since it would mean a reunion with Frank Reich, who before becoming the Colts' head coach served as the Eagles' offensive coordinator. Going to Indy would might also give Wentz a chance to work with Press Taylor again. Taylor was the Eagles' quarterbacks coach the last two seasons and was set to be the offensive coordinator in 2021 before owner Jeffrey Lurie fired coach Doug Pederson.
Forget Indy. Trade him to Chicago and include Foles as part of the deal.
The Eagles never should have gotten rid of Foles in the first place, but they were forced to do so in order to placate Wentz, who felt threatened by Foles' success.
That shouldn't come as a surprise to those who felt the tension in the locker room in 2017 and 2018, when Foles came to the team's rescue after Wentz got hurt. Wentz had his share of backers, but Foles was much more popular. The players responded to his humble demeanor and the coaches loved the fact that he actually listened to their advice.
Any doubt about his impact among teammates was removed in 2018, when defensive end Chris Long built a mini-shrine to Foles at his locker. Teammates jockeyed for the right to light the candles.
Although Wentz and Foles maintained a cordial relationship, it was clear that one of them had to leave and it sure as heck wasn't going to be Wentz. After suffering knee and back injuries in those seasons, the Eagles didn't want Wentz to hurt his neck by looking over his shoulder.
I know, I know. It's been three years since "Philly Special" and the win in Super Bowl LII. And Foles subsequently struggled in stints with Jacksonville and Chicago. But hear me out. This is a much different situation.
First of all, Hurts will be the starter in 2021 and Foles will be his backup. He can serve as a mentor to the youngster both on and off the field, given his experience. And should the situation arise that calls for him to play, he's proven he'd be up to the challenge.
Philly is where Foles started his NFL career as the Eagles' third-round draft pick in 2012. It's where he enjoyed an amazing season in 2013, replacing injured Michael Vick and throwing 27 touchdown passes against just two interceptions while leading the team to a playoff berth. And no one can forget 2017, when he replaced Wentz and delivered the team's first championship in 56 years.
The guy always finds a way. Sure, there are times when he struggles, but he wins the big games, as evidenced by his 4-2 playoff record.
More importantly, Foles understands Philadelphia. He doesn't get fazed by the demanding fan base. He understands that respect in the locker room is earned, not awarded because of your contract or draft status. He doesn't go around announcing he is a leader. When the time comes, he just leads.
Foles is "Philly Special" personified.
Forget about the Wentz Wagon. It's time to ride the Foles Ferry again.

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