Ryan Arcidiacono is one of the Seniors for Villanova that has helped lead them into the 2016 Final Four.  But according to Villanova Basketball Broadcaster Ryan Fannon, Arcidiacono is an exceptional leader and he tells a story to explain the elite level of Arcidiacono's leadership:

Elsa/Getty Images
Elsa/Getty Images

"When Kyle Lowry announced that he was going to come to Villanova, I went to his press conference at Cardinal Dougherty back over a decade ago and I said 'Kyle what's the best attribute you're going to bring to Villanova?'  He said, and I've never heard a high school kid say this ever in my life, he said 'Oh it's easy: I can't stand to loose.  I can't handle it, I'm going to do whatever it takes to win and I think that mentality is the greatest thing that I'll bring Villanova.'

"And in the 25 years I've been at Villanova we've had some unbelievable leaders but Arcidiacono stands out to me along with Kyle Lowry of guys that litterally just would do anything not to have to deal with losing.  It was that important to them to find a way to win no matter what, Arcidiacono is one of those guys that he just really struggles with losing, he doesn't accept it.  And I think when you are that way and it's that important to you, you find a way to win.  You manufacture ways to win, you show leadership on and off the court that helps and Arcidiacono is one of those guys."

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