Every Wednesday at 3:30 on the Sports Bash with Mike Gill, Mike will give you his top five teams in the NFL as he sees it, as well as the five worst teams each week.

After the first two weeks of the season, we have one change in the Fine 5 - the ugly 5 has some major changes.  Many of the ugly 5 took that lost in week one, pulled out wins in week two, and some 0-2 teams snuck their way into the uglies - so there are some big changes on that side.

Who is the Finest NFL team after two weeks?  Who is the worst team in the NFL, we have a new entry at the top of the ugly list – Listen to find out!

Don’t forget to listen in each week to see how the list will evolve – Who are the Fine Five and the Ugly Five in the NFL?

Listen Below!

Preseason edition: