VOORHEES — Goalies Michal Neuvirth and Steve Mason looked at each other quizzically as their nets were put side by side on the goal line.

What was this drill?

Assistant coach Gord Murphy spray-painted a line in the center of the ice from the blue line down to the back boards.

For the next 15 minutes or so, the Flyers battled. Each side of the freshly painted black line had a 3-on-2 battle, one puck being used for both of the mini-games and players not able to cross the new line to help.

“Those are also good drills to battle with,” Mason said. “There’s lots of bang-bang plays. You don’t have a good feel of where you are in your crease because there is no crease and those are drills where you just try to have the extra effort and make the extra saves. At the end of the day, guys have fun with it. I thought the guys had pretty good compete level there, some guys breaking sticks over boards and what not.”

Jake Voracek was the one who had slammed his stick on the boards in frustration. He’s also the one whose goal won the drill for his team, dressed in green jerseys just like Dave Hakstol’s old team, the University of North Dakota.

The green guys celebrated as if they had won a game that counted in dramatic fashion.