(September 22, 2020): On Tuesday's edition of Football At Four, Andrew DiCecco joins The Sports Bash talking:

*Could Zac Taylor call his former Head Coach Sean McVay for insights into the Eagles Defense

*Do the Bengals have the offensive personnel to take advantage of the Eagles Defense like the Rams did in Week Two

*Was Jim Schwartz "taking the bullets" for his players or is his game plan a real issue

*If the Eagles Defense executes the game plan properly, can they handle the Bengals Offense

*Do the Eagles have the right players to blitz more or do they not have the necessary personnel

*Perspective on Doug Pederson and Jim Schwartz messages to the media about certain players

*To what extend is the players on the Eagles roster are defensive personnel that Jim Schwartz wanted

*Should the Eagles have drafted Davion Taylor in the Third Round

*How much has the Eagles' missteps in the NFL Draft over the last few years impacted the depth on the current roster

*Perspective on the Bengals Running Backs Joe Mixon and Giovani Bernard

*How vulnerable are the Eagles Linebackers versus future opponents this season

(Andrew DiCecco covers the Eagles for 973espn.com and is a Contributor to InsideTheBirds.com)

Eagles QBs Drafted Outisde Of The First Round Since 2000

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