Maybe his attempt at MMA wasnt Herschel Walkers thing.

Or maybe he was conditioning and preparing for something bigger.

Perhaps the NFL.

Walker, 52,  believes he can still play in the NFL today, telling USA Today Sports that "physically" he could suit up and play in the NFL.

"I couldn't take every snap. But running backs nowadays don't play every down. Now they send in the choir section," Walker said.

The former Eagles running back does have a point in that the workload of a NFL running back nowadays is significantly less than Walker's playing days.

Walker retired from the NFL in 1997 after a grueling 12 year career eclipsing over 8,000 yards coupled with 61 touchdowns.

Walker is most known for being the center of a blockbuster 18 player trade between the Cowboys and Vikings that ultimately put Emmitt Smith in a Cowboys uniform.

Physically speaking, Walker is at the top of his game trying his hand in MMA winning both of his fights, his most recent being in 2011.

It's highly unlikely any of this would come to fruition as Walker isnt really considering a comeback, but it's food for thought.