Former Eagles safety Brian Dawkins has announced his retirement from the NFL.

Dawkins spent the first 12 years of his career in Philadelphia, and will retire with 37 interceptions, 26 sacks and 1,169 tackles compiled across 224 games.  He finished by playing four more seasons in Denver, a nine-time Pro Bowler, he was named a first-team All Pro five times, including as recently as 2009.

Dawkins' teammate Darwin Walker who played with Dawkins on the great defenses that were led by Jim Johnson joined the Sports Bash to talk about what it was like to play with Dawkins, the kind of man Dawkins was and more.

Dawkins was the face of some very good Eagles defenses that consistently help lead the team deep into the playoffs.  However, Dawkins was increasingly limited by injuries during his tenure with the Eagles and they let him walk following the 2008 season.  In Denver, injuries slowed him down, but he was still an effective player.

he was the heart and soul that has been missing from recent Eagles defenses.  After letting him go in after the 2008 season, the Eagles have struggles to find a competent replacement.  In 2009 alone, guys like Sean ConsidineQuintin DempsSean JonesVictor "Macho" Harris all tried and failed to fill the void.

The Eagles have tried to draft his replacement the past two season taking safeties in the second round; Nate Allen and Jaiquawn Jarrett.

Not only could Dawkins play at a high level, he was a leader and gave the Eagles an identity on defense, something they still lack today. While his coverage skills began to diminish in his later years, his heart never did.  He was a leader in Denver remaining an effective player the past two seasons, making the Pro-Bowl in 2009.

Dawkins recently said that his neck injury is 100 percent recovered, and the numbness is gone from his fingers. But at 38-years old, Dawkins decided now was the time to walk away.

He was one of the best and has been and always will be missed in Philadelphia.

We'll see you in Canton "B-Dawk".