Two new episodes of 'Last Dance' will air this Sunday on ESPN & ESPN2 starting at 9:00pm EST. Last Sunday, on episodes 5 & 6 we saw Michael Jordan and his "passion" for gambling and golf amongst other things. Episode 6 ended with a preview for this week involving the incident when MJ punched Steve Kerr in the face at practice.

Jason Hehir, the Director of the 'Last Dance' was on the Dan Patrick Show this week discussing what is to come this Sunday May 10th in episodes 7 and 8...

"...There's things in there, there's language in there that I am shocked ESPN let us keep in the episodes, and there's behavior in there that I am shocked Michael let us keep in..." 

Let's stop it right there for a second. Just when you thought this documentary couldn't get any better, director Jason Hehir drops a bombshell on us on the Dan Patrick Show. Here is more from director, Hehir:

"When you see the episodes (7 &8) you will be surprised. Maybe Michael skipped episode 7, because I can't believe that he didn't say anything..."

"The Steve Kerr thing is only a story that's told, and he was eager to tell that, so was Steve. But this treasure trove footage that we had from the NBA, what we tackle in these episodes (7 and 8) is really what it was like to play with MJ, and that what it was like to play against him... I don't know if you would ever want to practice with Michael Jordan. It would be a lot of fun to watch, but I don't know if it would be fun to interact with him during those practice because he would want to make it harder than any game would be. And in the East back in the '90s, that meant making it as rough and as mentally grueling as possible..." 

With the sports world shut down, 'Last Dance' has been a savior for sports fans around the world. It seems like episodes 7 and 8 this Sunday could be the most intense and entertaining of them all...

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