In South Jersey, the "Seven Mile Island" is the home of two towns: Avalon and Stone Harbor.  Originally known as Leaming Island, Aaron Leaming bought the 2725-acre island in 1722, and the community of Stone Harbor was not established until 170 years later.

In 1891, the land south of Avalon was purchased from the Seven Mile Beach Company.  The area was renamed "Stoneharbor" in honor of the legendary and infamous English Sea Captain John Stone.  The English Seaman John Stone used the southern harbor for refuge from storms during his shipping of goods between modern-day Virginia and New England.

Stone Harbor was originally marketed as an untapped destination for wealthy families from the Philadelphia area.  South Jersey Shore Towns like Stone Harbor and Avalon were presented as alternative destinations at the Jersey Shore to the Cape May Island.

Thanks to the railroad company already having lines connecting the island to the mainland in the late 1800s along with the main streets being laid in the early 20th century, this all opened the door for the rapid growth of what we know as modern-day Stone Harbor from 1892 to 1920.

What Are The Best Restaurants In Stone Harbor?

Today, Stone Harbor is a small community in Cape May County that has seen up to 25,000 people visit during the summer months. There are some great places to eat out in this New Jersey Shore Town, so we used the same formula to rate the Stone Harbor restaurants as we did for Sea Isle City Restaurants and ranking The Best Wings in South Jersey.

Top Rated Restaurants in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

Stone Harbor is one of the most underrated South Jersey Coastal Communities. Rated one of the Best Weekend Getaway Towns in New Jersey, Stone Harbor is quieter and less hectic than other Shore Towns.

In order to find out what the Best Restaurants are in Stone Harbor, we gathered information from Google Analytics, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews to build this list. So here is our rankings of the best establishments to eat out at in Stone Harbor:

Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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