It's about time for the new Sixers owner to make a change in order to get the fan base excited.

On Tuesday, the Sixers announced the end of the Hip Hop era as the mascot. After receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of emails from fans who demanded a change, the new owners acted swiftly and accordingly.

Hip Hop, the acrobatic, jacked up rabbit, is out after overseeing a decade of mediocrity in Philadelphia. You can blame the team's management, coaching, drafting, cap management, or players. Or you can look at the animal in charge of pumping up the ever diminishing crowd. received enough complaints to make the only change they could during a lockout.

As for the new mascot? That monumental task has been put in the hands of Jim Henson's Creature Shop, which was once the personal workshop of the late, great creator of the Muppets.

*Editors note: While you and I both know that Hip Hop was given a pink slip, the organization is taking the high road by allowing him to submit a pseudo resignation. According to Kate Fagan of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the team released the following statement about Hip Hop's departure:

He told them he has "fallen in love, married, and will relocate to a rural part of Pennsylvania to start a family."


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