The Eagles head into the playoffs as the number one seed in the NFC Playoffs with home field advantage.  But with Nick Foles starting at Quarterback instead of Carson Wentz, the Eagles have gone 2-1 in three games with the offense averaging just 17.7 Points Per game and 258. 7 Total Yards per game, both statistics well below what the Eagles are averaging on the season.  It has become more evident the Eagles must depend on their Defense and Running Game in the postseason with such a drop off at the Quarterback position.

NFL Network Analyst Brian Baldinger joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and gave his perspective on the Eagles offense heading into the postseason:

“(Offense) is a team game, it's not just Nick (Foles), Torrey Smith dropped (a pass) on a Third and Seven - So the first thing they do is they unleash a feverish Rushing Attack, just one that is lethal so you win the line of scrimmage.  They’re going to play the lowest seed on Saturday January 13th remaining in the playoffs – Whoever (they face) it doesn’t matter, they got to win the line of scrimmage so they got to get a Rushing Attack.  Then there is play action off rushing attack and Run-Pass Options that they favor coming off a feverish Rushing Attack.  Those are the first steps you take before you (say) the Quarterback has to play better, you play better all the way around him to begin with.”

Checkout what Baldinger had to say about how teams in the NFC Playoffs matchup with the Eagles, his thoughts on Eagles assistant coaches as NFL Head Coaching candidates, and more Football talk

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