Despite the reality that Carson Wentz and Nick Foles have different styles of play at the Quarterback position, the 2018 Eagles Offense has posted similar statistics with both as starters.  In the 11 games with Wentz, the Eagles Offense is averaging 22 Points Per Game and 358.3 Total Yards Per Game; With Foles starting 3 Games, the Eagles Offense is averaging 23 Points Per Game and 341.7 Total Yards per Game.  Over the last two season, with Foles at Quarterback the Eagles are 4-2 compared to Wentz as the starter when the Eagles are 16-8.

Mark Malone of NBC Sports Radio joined Mike Gill on Thursday discussing the role of Doug Pederson and the Eagles defense in Nick Foles' success versus the Rams:

"I gave a lot of credit to Doug Pederson a year ago and I’m going to do it again because he and his staff are certainly capable and able to look at how different the two quarterbacks are, Carson Wentz and Nick Foles....(Foles is) able to sit down with Doug and that staff and verbalize what he is comfortable with in the offense. - Last week against the Rams perhaps they weren’t as prepared from a defensive standpoint to deal with what the Eagles are doing with Nick Foles at quarterback. (Eagles Offense) obviously got great support from the running game as well, but now all of a sudden Alshon Jeffery becomes the primary receiver opposed to Zach Ertz and that changes what you do from a defensive coordinator’s standpoint. The other thing is, that defense of Philadelphia’s played their butts off and created a lot of issues not only for Todd Gurley but for Jared Goff and that Rams offense. If (Eagles' Defense) continues to play like that, it’s going to make Nick Foles’ job a lot easier."

Hear what Malone had to say about Carson Wentz as Eagles' Franchise Quarterback, Eagles matchup with the Houston Texans, and perspective on NFL Postseason Picture

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