Jeremy Hellickson looks like he will play the whole 2016 season in Philadelphia and with the team not a major contender for a playoff spot, some people are already looking ahead to the offseason.  Hellickson will be a free agent this offseason and Phillies GM Matt Klentak was non-committal recently about what their offseason plans are.

NBC Sports Lead MLB Writer Craig Calcaterra joined Mike Gill on Thursday and went in depth about decisions the Phillies have to make this offseason and Hellickson's impact on the offseason:

"The next decision point on Hellickson is will you give him a qualifying offer or not. That is one of the more interesting questions heading into the offseason. That is a really tough call to be honest because it is a lot of money to pay Jeremy Hellickson....If Hellickson accepted a qualifying offer, for example, I think it would be pretty smart for the Phillies to at least try to shop some of the young pitching. They got a lot of it, it is hard to depend on it.  Some of these guys will get hurt, some of them are going to have Tommy John and everyone will look at a young pitcher and think that's the most valuable thing in the world. Meanwhile, what the Phillies could really use is some offensive help....If you can turn anyone of them into a quality position playing prospect, I think you have to make that deal."

Hear what Calcaterra had to say about Phillies' lack of movement at the MLB Trade Deadline along with his analysis of the troubles for playoff contenders such as the Dodgers, Mets, and Giants