The 2017-18 Sixers are currently on pace to win 41 wins, which would be the most wins by the team since the 2010-11 season.  As the team has improved each of the last three seasons, so has TJ McConnell.  As an Undrafted Free Agent, TJ is having his best season with career highs in Three-Point Shooting (40 Percent), Points Per Game (7.5), and Rebounds Per Game (3.5).  Since Christmas Day, McConnell has picked up his play tallying per game 9.6 Points, 2.1 Steals, and 5.0 Assists as the 76ers are 6-2 over that stretch.

NBC Sports Philadelphia Pre/Post Game Sixers Analyst Marc Jackson joined Mike Gill on Tuesday discussing TJ McConnell's impact on the team:

“TJ is just a go-getter – You don’t run plays for TJ, TJ starts the fast break, he’s a great facilitator of the ball but now that he has the uncanny ability to score in the mid-range area, to push the tempo….You are going to get defense from him, you know you are going to get aggression, you know you are going to get a diehard attitude; When he's getting you buckets that is just an added plus – So TJ getting buckets, even when his number is not called but finding ways to score it helps this team not go through those (scoreless) strides when they sitting around and no one’s scoring when Joel (Embiid) is not on the floor.”

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