So Eagles fans, would you do this deal?

A trade rumor that popped up today involved sending quarterback Nick Foles, running back LeSean McCoy and three first-round draft picks to the Bucs for the No. 1 pick in the draft.

If that deal was discussed, is being discussed or is a possibility, the Eagles need to make that deal.

There are so many questions to ask about this particular rumor.

Why would the Bucs make this deal?

Well, if they don't feel comfortable with selecting Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota with the No. 1 overall pick, then Nick Foles might be someone they feel more comfortable with moving forward.

Adding Foles would give the Bucs a starting quarterback, adding McCoy gives them one of the best running backs in the league and gives them pick 20 this year, plus two more first round picks to help build their team over the next two drafts.

Why would the Eagles make this deal?

Chip Kelly needs to find his guy, Foles simply isn't that guy.  Sure, the Eagles can win with Foles, but can they win a Super Bowl - if Kelly is willing to make this type of move he is obviously telling Eagles fans, Foles isn't the guy that can get the job done.

Sure losing McCoy would be a blow to the Eagles, but his $11.9 million cap charge is steep and the Eagles might end of cutting McCoy if he is unwilling to restructure his current deal.  While McCoy will be very difficult to replace, they do have Chris Polk, Darren Sproles and could add a running back during the draft, in a draft that is considered very deep at the running back position.

(Listen to Eagles insider Geoff Mosher discuss Maclin, Trent Cole, and the Trade rumor with Tampa)

While that three-headed monster might not be as good as McCoy, the Eagles once had Brian Westbrook and replaced him with LeSean McCoy - meaning yes, McCoy can be replaced, and will need to be sooner than later.

If you can get your franchise quarterback and McCoy is part of the way you get him - a quarterback is more valuable than a running back who will be 27-years old at the start of the 2015 season.

Then there is the picks.

If the Eagles move up to the top spot in the draft and take Marcus Mariota, the anticipation is that he would be an upgrade and help the Eagles go from a non-playoff team back to a playoff team - meaning their draft picks over the next two season would be lower first round picks.

While any first round pick is valuable, they are not guarantees - they could turn out to be Danny Watkins and Marcus Smith.

Mariota is not Andrew Luck, but he could have that kind of impact on the Eagles.  His ability to run Kelly's offense could give the Eagles they type of talent at the most important position in the game, making them a perennial Super Bowl contender during his career.

The Colts won just one game before Luck arrived.  Since they took him with the first overall pick in the 2012 draft he has won 33 regular season games and three playoff games in three NFL seasons.

Each year the Colts have gone further in the playoffs, losing in the wild card round Luck's rookie season.  Winning a wild card game in year two and reaching the AFC title game in his third season.

If Mariota has a similar impact on the Eagles franchise, making this deal will be well worth it.  By sending McCoy to Tampa in the trade, the Eagles can use that money to help fix their secondary through free agency, perhaps adding a player like Byron Maxwell.

By dealing Foles now, you at least get something for him before you let him walk in free agency next season, if in fact Kelly doesn't believe he can win the Eagles a Super Bowl.

So then it comes down to the picks, much like Mariota, they are unknown commodities.  However, if you end up getting your franchise guy, deal two picks is well worth it.  Think about it, would you have moved up and made the same deal three years ago to select Luck?

Of course you would.

While Mariota isn't Luck, he is the guy Chip wants, and just might be able to take Chip's offense where Jeffrey Lurie thought Chip Kelly could take the Eagles when he hired him - to the Super Bowl.

If Kelly told Lurie I need my guy - you better believe Lurie listened, he moved Howie Roseman out and gave Kelly all the power, Lurie has come too far now the Eagles need to go as far as they have to to get the guy Chip thinks can take them to a place they have never been.

Super Bowl Champions.




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