A story that has been talked about ever since the day the Atlantic City Surf left the area was, when will a new team call Surf Stadium home.

Well it might finally happen.

According to a report in the Press of Atlantic City, Surf Stadium might have a new tenant for next baseball season.  Mario Perrucci, a former executive with the Surf and former Surf owner Frank Boulton, who also is the President of the Atlantic League have come together to try to get Surf Stadium occupied by 2013.

According to the report, Boulton is looking to create an "Atlantic League 2" or something similar to the Atlantic League where the original Surf used to reside. - Boulton said that Atlantic City rejoining the Atlantic League is not an option.

The Stadium hosted the Babe Ruth Mid-Atlantic Regional back in early August to rave reviews, but played the tournament without lights and use of the clubhouse and locker rooms.

All of those things would need to be restored before any professional team used the facility full-time.

So would you be interested in seeing the Surf return to Atlantic City?  Would it work this time?  Why did it fail last time?  Can minor league baseball succeed in Atlantic City?

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