Eagles Rookie Quarterback played above all expectations for the first 3 games this season putting up 5 Touchdowns, 0 Interceptions, and a Completion Percentage of 65.14%.  But since the Bye Week the Eagles record of 1-2 has disappointed many fans; also Wentz's play has been underwhelming compiling 3 Touchdowns, 3 Interceptions and a Completion Percentage of 60.97%.

ESPN.com NFL Insider KC Joyner was on The Sports Bash Monday and talked about the Wentz's struggles Sunday and the impact on the Eagles:

“The biggest problem for Philadelphia’s offense is in my notes Carson Wentz. He loses the ball on the hand off to Sproles in the first quarter, bobbled a snap on the read option in the second, fumbles a snap in the middle of third (quarter), and fumbles another snap (also). He also had a bad decision where he had Agholor bracketed with Rhodes in front and a safety behind him.  Their is no way you should throw to that guy and he forces it in there. I am seeing all of these mistakes from Wentz and I am going OK that's a bad snap, but I do not like what I am seeing from (Wentz) because he's starting to make more errors. The Eagles, as well as they are playing on some parts of their team, I do not think they can deal with Carson Wentz making a lot of errors.”

Hear Joyner's analysis of the Eagles defense impact on the Eagles win on Sunday along with his perspective of the Eagles' Running Back situation and NFC East rivals New York Giants and Washington Redskins