We know about the lack of talent on this team. This team was built with the idea that Andrew Bynum would be the force in the middle and they wanted to surround him with shooters. But with Bynum yet to step on the floor this year, the team eight games below .500 and the season more than half way over, should we begin to question the coaching decisions being made?

Some say Doug Collins has done a masterful job in leading this team to 18 wins with such a young team and without Bynum, their big off-season acquisition. But the more I watch this team, the more I see a team that either isn't hearing the message or isn't getting the message from their head coach.


Time and time again, we see players settling for jump shots, not getting to the free throw line, and just looking down right lost on the court without any idea of what to do from possession to possession. At some point, the head coach has to be accountable for the play on the court. The Sixers are 44 games into this season and yet we still get a different lineup night in and night out, players don't have defined roles, a productive Dorrell Wright has been assigned to the end of the bench with no explanation given, and all the while Doug Collins seems to get a free pass.

The Sixers don't need a cheerleader, they need a head coach.  Sometimes tough love is the right love needed, especially for a young team with no apparent veteran leader on the floor. A lot of these questions may get answered when Andrew Bynum steps on the floor, but if they don't, Doug Collins won't have anymore "get out of jail free" cards left.