VOORHEES After rushing to get the final roster for the purpose of team chemistry heading into the season and avoiding yet another slow start, the Flyers are waiting on making their last cut.

General manager Ron Hextall is considering options while the New York Rangers crossed the finish line first, getting their roster down to 23 Saturday, well ahead of Tuesday’s 5 p.m. deadline.

Part of the reason for the wait is that Hextall wants to see if he can find a trade partner to make the decision of cutting or waiving a player easier.

“We’ll see what comes along, if anything, and go from there,” he said.

He still has 14 forwards on the roster with eight defensemen and two goalies. It would appear as though his final cut will come to a defenseman, especially considering he publically said he’d rather carry seven than eight “in a perfect world.”

His world is far from perfect looking at the roster and the salaries that go along with it.

The “extra” players in Saturday’s practice were...