The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our daily lives. The sports world was no exception... whether horse or human! This Saturday, horse racing is officially back for the casual fan with the running of the Belmont Stakes. The pandemic couldn’t shut down horse racing completely as some states like Florida and Arkansas continued, albeit without fans in attendance. The die-hard race fans and the betting public were still able to place their bets remotely and watch online. Without sports to gamble on, horse racing was the only avenue to wager on a live event. Now, as the spring turns to summer, and  one by one states are opening up from the Covid-19 shutdown, NASCAR and the PGA Tour have resumed their play, and horse racing is next! This year the Triple Crown’s race schedule has been reversed with the Belmont running first on Saturday, followed by the Kentucky Derby on the 5th of September and the Preakness in October. I am very excited to see this race, and tomorrow in THE LOCKERROOM with BILLY SCHWEIM, we will talk with Handicapper Jeffery Nash. Nash grew up around the track and has been handicapping horse racing for years - and he's pretty good at it. The Belmont Stakes this year will be the shortest race of the three in the Triple Crown series, at a mile and an eighth. There are ten horses entered in the race that is scheduled to start at 5:42 pm EST from Belmont N.Y. 

Plus, we will continue with The Locker Room’s push to get Brian Propp into the Hockey Hall of Fame and talk with his former teammate, Doug Crossman. Then, we will hear from Jake McKenna of Ocean City, who just signed a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. What an exciting time for Jake and his family!!  Finally, another edition of the Beach Patrol Report brings us to Longport where Matt Klem, Chief of the LPBP, has seen his crew win four straight South Jersey Lifeguard Championships!

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