A study was recently conducted by the folks at Zutobi Drivers Ed and the research regarding speeding-related fatal car accidents in the Garden State is dizzying.


The comprehensive report, taking gender and age into consideration, as well as the major causes and trends in speeding-related accidents.

So, who are the biggest violators? According to the data, men and millennials.

820 accidents caused by excessive speed was traced to drivers ages 25-34.

And while you may have heard a lot of men complain that women don't know how to drive, THEY are the drivers who outpace women in speed-related accidents by 60 percent. Yeah, for the most part, it's them, hi, they're the problem it's them.

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New Jersey is the sixth worst state in the country for causing speed-related crashes. SIXTH. This is NOT the Top 10 list we want to be part of.

Here are the Top 10 states most frequently driving at dangerously high-speeds:

  1. New Mexico
  2. Hawaii
  3. Louisiana
  4. Kansas
  5. Kentucky
  6. New Jersey
  7. Illinois
  8. Washington
  9. Montana
  10. Virginia

Do better, New Jersey, do better. SLOW DOWN. Your life, and maybe someone else's, could depend on it.

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