Since being selected in the seventh round of the 2016 NFL Draft, Jalen Mills has developed into one of the most game players on the Philadelphia Eagles roster.  Starting 49 out of 63 games in an Eagles uniform, Mills has compiled 227 Solo Tackles, Five Interceptions, and Five Quarterback Hits while playing at Cornerback and Safety.

In an interview with CBS Sports HQ, the Free Agent Defensive Back spoke openly on a wide range of topics starting with does he want to return to Philadelphia:

"Yeah man, I'm the green goblin! I dyed my hair green my rookie year and heading into training camp, because the simple fact they took a chance on me - I love it in Philadelphia. I won a Super Bowl with them....When you got fans that passionate, why not want to play here"

When asked about if he would rather play Cornerback or Safety, he said it depends on the game plan but he enjoys Safety more:

"(Playing) Safety is a lot more fun because just for the simple fact I am interacting more, I get to talk to the (defensive line) if they have a certain stunt, I'm talking to Linebackers, I'm getting the Cornerbacks lined up, and then I get to go in there and get physical sometimes (against) the run and then play the pass."

Mills was asked about the reports on Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson relationship issues and Jalen did not shy away from answering:

"As a player being inside of the locker room and seeing the coaches and players every day, and you hear the media and different things saying as far as Carson (Wentz) and Doug (Pederson) not getting along but I didn't see that.  I seen guys coming to work every day, putting their hard hats on, regardless of what happened the Sunday before."

The topic of the Eagles Quarterback situation also came up at the end of the interview and Mills had some interesting comments on both Quarterbacks:

"We know that (Carson Wentz) didn't play up to (expectations) this year and he know's that, you know he's a fiery competitor, a guy who wants to be perfect at everything he does.  And then you got a guy like (Jalen) Hurts who is a leader, a guy who has won at Alabama, he won at Oklahoma, and then he came in and he had a really, really good rookie season even though he started late in the season....I think you let those guys battle it out during (Training) camp, you let those guys battle it out and whoever is the best man that's the guy who's going to be your Starter Day One."

Unlike Jalen Mills, the Rookie Quarterback Jalen Hurts was more guarded and less outspoken in his comments this week on similar topics.

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