The newest member of the Philadelphia Flyers, James van Riemsdyk, joined The Sports Bash to discuss his decision to return to Philadelphia after six years in Toronto, who he sees himself playing with, what role he will have with the up and coming Flyers and more.

"I think part of going through this free agency process to try to look at so many different things and one of the things that was definitely intriguing about Philadelphia was all the good, young talent they have now, and all of the talent they have coming," van Riemsdyk said on The Sports Bash.

van Riemsdyk elevated his game in 2017-18, scoring a career-high 36 goals, 11 of which came on the power play, leading to a five-year, $35 million reunion with the Flyers.

"You can name guys at every position, whether it’s goalies, a defensemen, up front, the young players on the team that have taken some big steps and will continue to get better and better. So to join something like that was a pretty exciting opportunity for me."

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