If there is one thing that seems to be a common theme this Eagles season, its the offensive line will have a different look each week.

It looks like Jason Peters will be back at left tackle this week.

"He looks good, he feels good," Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said. "I think the couple days of practice this week -- and that's the thing with players coming off injury, putting him back in practice and seeing how they react the next day. So, practice Wednesday, how do they react on Thursday, and Thursday into Friday. He's held up well. He's done a nice job out there. But I thought he's had a good week of preparation so far."

The Eagles placed Peters on the injured reserve with a tow injury after their Week 3 tie with the Bengals. Third-year player Jordan Mailata started in his place, and has been practicing at right tackle this week with Lane Johnson still hobbled by a knee and ankle injury.

"He's been feeling good, he's had a couple good days where he's done more rehab than anything," Pederson explained. "But just being out there today and being with his teammates and executing our game plan today."

The Eagles line has gone through multiple changes this season, but seems to be locking into Peters, Sua Opeta, Jason Kelce, Nate Herbig and either Johnson or Mailata this week.

Many people have wondered why not keep Mailata at left tackle and move Peters over to right guard, the position he was originally brought back to play fr the 2020 season.

"Listen, we're going to make the best decision for the football team moving forward," stated Pederson. "Jordan has played well, and sometimes -- I'll say this: I go back to [former Eagles WR and current Raiders WR] Nelson Agholor a few years ago, and an opportunity for him to kind of see big picture himself. And listen, don't take me wrong here; I love where Jordan's at. I love where his growth is, right? But at the same time, sometimes if Jason Peters starts at left tackle, it allows Jordan to see big picture, as well, and kind of step back and observe that way and sometimes that helps young players, too. But whatever the decision is there at left tackle and really the whole offensive line, these guys are prepared, they are excited, and they are ready to go. We are playing a really good front and it's going to take all those guys to put up a good performance."

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