For years, the Philly fan base has thought long and hard about the bounds Andy Reid's role in rounding out the roster. How much say he has in who goes? Who stays? Who's traded for whom? Who's re-signed for what? Who starts? Who sits? Everything. People wanna know. Always have. With their most poignant interests centered on potentially having more ammo to crush him with on talk radio, obvi.
While diving into other key points of contention, the Joe Banner press conference did a little unveiling in those cryptic corners of the Eagles decision-making machine.

Said team owner Jeffrey Lurie, in his opening remarks: "There's no change in Coach Reid's status, and that's pretty much it."

Said Lurie, about 35 minutes later: "No, not at all. Andy's responsibilities are exactly the same as (they were) before this tranisition, there's no increase in any aspect of the job. It's Howie (Roseman) that's taking on more responsibilities, as he has for many months now, and those are in the obvious -- player negotiations and cap structuring and analysis."

And no. Given Lurie's definition of the scope of the transition -- one that's taken place for a few years now -- there aren't any lines to read between there. (Like, say, that "the transition" means this immediate moment, and that Lurie can still totally say that Reid's role won't change in the said immediacy of this said moment, because it already has before, again, this immediate moment. Yeah. I thought that too.) At face value -- what ever that's worth... -- Lurie's saying that Reid's role in picking out and prioritizing players to be added, moved, re-upped isn't changing. Not that it needs to, given how Reid has throughout his 13 years steadfastly maintained -- and reiterated yesterday -- that he had/has final say in that department.

Said Andy Reid: "I've had full support of Jeffrey, Joe, Howie, all the decisions that have been made. I've had final say on the decisions. Well, all the good ones. Joe did all the bad ones. (...awkward laughter...) I've had the final decision on all of them."

So: What did we learned? (Shrug.)