The Philadelphia Eagles closed out the 2013 season with a glaring problem on defense. The birds allowed 290 passing yards per game, the worst of any team in the league.

The Eagles wasted little time trying to rectify that problem by signing Safety Malcolm Jenkins from the New Orleans Saints. Jenkins had two interceptions, two forced fumbles and 68 tackles last season.

Jenkins used his time wisely in OTA’s and mini-camps to reach a solid understanding of the defense here in training camp.

“I feel pretty comfortable,” Jenkins said. “We got a chance to install the defense about two or three times since the offseason so right now it is really about fine-tuning the details.”

Jenkins is running with the first team defense opposite Nate Allen. Jenkins and Allen appear to be communicating well and on the same page through the first week of camp.

“We spend a lot of time off the field watching film together and talking about stuff,” Jenkins said about his relationship with Allen. “When we get out here we are on the same page, make the same calls and it doesn’t take much communication to do it.”

Jenkins is entering his sixth year in the league. In that time he has played for his share of defensive coordinators. That means he has also learned a number of different schemes.

“This is my fourth Defensive Coordinator,” Jenkins stated. “So I know a lot of defense and I have learned a thousand ways to skin the cat.”

The coaching staff is open to input from players. Jenkins is one of the guys offering examples of how some of the former defenses he played for operated and how some of those ideas could be successful in Philadelphia.

“As we are installing new things that some guys here have not been exposed to, I can kind of explain some of the details what worked here or how you defend this,” Jenkins said. “(Defensive Coordinator) Bill (Davis) knows what he is doing too, but I like to put out a little input.”

The Eagles defense was on the field longer than most defenses around the league a year ago. That will likely be the same again this year given the up-tempo offense Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly likes to run.

Playing more snaps and moving at a faster pace is new for Jenkins.

“There is even more pressure on us,” Jenkins insisted. “As the offense moves faster, we get tired. Those are the good kind of reps that we need.”

Jenkins and Allen teamed up for success on day three of training camp. They did not allow any downfield completions throughout team drills on Monday.

The Eagles resume camp on Wednesday at the NovaCare Complex.

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