An ejection wasn't enough for Philadelphia 76ers' forward, Jimmy Butler. After getting involved in the mini-brawl during Game 4 against the Brooklyn Nets, Butler will have to pay up a nice chunk of change for defending his big man, Joel Embiid. By now, you might've seen the Game 4 battle once, twice, or maybe even a dozen times. And you have probably come to the conclusion that it wasn't really a big deal. However, the NBA has to stick to its rules, and typically the rules state an ejection will likely result in a fine.

Well, although Jimmy Butler didn't initiate the fight, and even his retaliation was harmless, he will still have to pay in two different ways. One way was leaving the game early, which fortunately didn't cost the Sixers the game. And the other way is by paying a fine. As of Sunday, the NBA slapped Butler with a $15,000 fine. The instigator in the whole ordeal, Jared Dudley, will be forced to pay $25,000 for his idea to initiate the entire skirmish.

The good news for Butler is he may not have to pay the fine after all. During the postgame press conference on Saturday after Game 4, Butler joined Embiid at the podium to discuss the incident and the results of the game. When Butler was talking about it, he mentioned that he expected a fine, but Embiid chimed in by saying he would pay for it since Butler came to his defense when the big man wanted to stay out of trouble.

It was shocking to see Embiid throw his hands up and not react to Dudley's shove after the block on Jarrett Allen, but he was smart to stay out of the pile. While Embiid avoided getting ejected, plus a fine, he will still be in hot water moving forward. According to ESPN's Tim Bontemps, Embiid's flagrant foul called on the play will stand.

That leaves Embiid with two flagrant one fouls in the playoffs. If he gets two more, or one flagrant two called on himself, Embiid could potentially get a one-game suspension for the playoffs. Seeing how valuable he is while on the floor, the last thing the Sixers need moving forward is a potential Embiid suspension.

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