The Sixers got some good news today, Joel Embiid will return tonight when the Sixers host the Detroit Pistons.

Embiid has been out with a shoulder injury since Feb. 26

He was able to go through practice yesterday, and will return to the line up tonight with the Sixers coming off a 1-3 road trip out west.

Some more interesting news from today is what head coach Brett Brown announced that even with Embiid back, Al Horford will remain in the Sixers starting five.

That could change if and when Ben Simmons returns to the floor per the coach, via


"I feel going forward when you don't have Ben, my intention is to play him with Joel and try to grow that," Brown said. "When Ben comes back in the mix, we'll re-evaluate, but I feel like that period of time we're talking about is long enough for me where I do want to invest in the Joel-Al pairing while we don't have Ben, and see how that plays out."

Either way, having Embiid back should give the Sixers a big boost, along with Josh Richardson who will play tonight as well.

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