The Eagles win in Super Bowl 52 was fueled by winning Time Of Possession, holding the ball for 34:04 along with Head Coach Doug Pederson staying aggressive going 2-2 on Fourth Downs.  During the 2017 season, the Eagles went 65.4 Percent on Fourth Down Conversions, which ranked Third Best in the NFL.  The Eagles led the NFL in 2017 in Red Zone Conversion at 65.5 Percent as Pederson has ascended from the "Coach no one wanted" to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl Championship.

Three-Time Super Bowl Champion Daryl "Moose" Johnston joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday discussing Doug Pederson aggressive play calling in Super Bowl 52:

“You heard Doug Pederson say he wasn’t going to get himself into a situation where he had marched all the way down the field, controlled the flow of the game and settle for Field Goals; The big thing that he had to do going into this game was he had to stay aggressive for 60 minutes, he was actually more aggressive than I anticipated he had to be.  So as good as that call was on Fourth Down at the Goal Line and as creative as that play was, I thought the (Fourth Down Conversion) on the Final Drive (that led to) the Touchdown to Zach Ertz was even more gutsy.”

Hear what Johnston had to say about the experience of being a Super Bowl Champion for the first time as a player, his perspective on Eagles winning Super Bowl 52, and more

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