If it seemed like the Falcons and Cowboys knew what was coming, perhaps it's because they actually did.

We aren't talking 'Spygate' here, rather just good old fashioned predictability from the Eagles offense.

Chip Kelly was asked that question in his day after press conference on Monday and didn't think that was the case.

"No. I don't think the defense knew what plays were coming, we didn't do a great job on down blocks in the sweep game," he told reporters.

Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff disagrees and told Tim McManus, Philly Mag, that the Cowboys knew what was coming and even called out some of the plays prior to the snap.



It's been two of the worst games offensively for Kelly and in the Cowboys game the team's offense ran just 55 plays.

It's also worth mentioning that Kelly has been virtually running the same offense since his time at Oregon. Perhaps the league has caught on.