In 2016, Eagles Wide Receivers combined for 24 Drops and one of the worst Drop Percentage in the NFL at 4.0%.  Also the Eagles were among the bottom 10 in the league in Passing Yards (24th - 3,585) and Passing Touchdowns (28th - 16).  In 2016, an era of high powered offenses in the NFL, 13 teams compiled over 4,000 Passing Yards and 20 teams had at least 21 Passing Touchdowns.  The Eagles must improve the weapons around Carson Wentz so they do not hinder the development of their young Quarterback. NFL Insider KC Joyner, "The Football Scientist", joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and explained the Eagles need a certain type of Wide Receiver in 2017:

"They don't just need a Receiver, they need someone who can tear the top off the defense cause they have a Slot Receiver, they have guys who can Dink and Dunk, they have Tight Ends, they have certain people who can do certain things and attack the middle of the field.  But they need someone who can just run (Fade) Routes and tear the top off the defense and say (to opposing defenses) 'Look you have to stop this'.  There are only a few players (available) who I think might fit that mold as to what they can do.  So kind of limited though cause those players usually going to generate a lot of revenue interest on the market."

Checkout what Joyner had to say about different NFL Free Agency and NFL Draft options the Eagles have along with his analysis of where the best fits are for different players around the league

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