With the additions of Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith this offseason, expectations are that Carson Wentz takes steps forward this season and play better than he did last season.  After playing with a Wide Receiver Corp that had the worst Drops Per Target in the NFL in 2016, the hope of the organization and fan base is for Wentz to show progress in 2017.

ESPN Senior NFL Insider KC Joyner joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and discussed Carson Wentz heading into his second season in the NFL:

"(Eagles) are going to want to get him to do a lot better in vertical passing - (Wentz) rated poorly in Short Passing, only had 5.5 Yards Per Attempt it was bottom ten in the league in that category and 9.4 Yards Per Vertical Attempt (when) you want to be 11 or 12 (Yards per attempt) in that category.  So they said 'We're going to give you Short and Vertical Receivers'; the thing is they gave him (Alshon) Jeffery whose going to be an all-around Receiver.  I still think the underrated addition they had was (Torrey) Smith because Smith two years ago was second in the league in Vertical Yards Per Attempt.  Now he did terrible last year, he was one of the worst in the league, but he's not that far removed from being a top notch receiver.  So even if he doesn't get back to that level, if he just gets close to it, you're going to expect that number should go up.  The expectations have moved up (for Wentz) because now they do have down field targets and a 9.4 Yards Per Attempt on Vertical Passes from Wentz that wont be acceptable this year."

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